ASB Construction

The company’s policy is aimed to identify and meet the expectations and requirements of the current and potential customers. This is done by analyzing the projects completed so far with regard to the quality and the costs, analyzing the needs in the changing market, and striving to maintain a repeatable high standard of our services. Systematic improvement of the qualifications of the staff and strengthening the roles of employees, their involvement and motivation, compliance with occupational health and safety principles, and systematic improvement of the technologies and work methods used.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our special attention to timely completion of our obligations.

We also have the opinion of a company that very diligently and promptly eliminates all details and responds to filed complaints. We are also open and ready to perform non-standard projects at competitive prices, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

The dynamic growth in the domestic and foreign market of the ASB has convinced the owner about the need to develop further, which has resulted in the establishment of the ASB CONSTRUCTION Sp. z o.o. company. 

The line of business of the new company includes mainly:

- construction in the power industry and other branches of industry

- construction of engineering structures

- construction and upgrade of railroad infrastructure

- general construction